More thoughts about making your own gambling strategy

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It seems like the subject of devising a personal gambling strategy is quite a sensitive topic. My gambler friends have their own take about the subject and their feelings have ranged from mild interest to very emotional opinions (well, as emotional as an experience poker player can get).

I think that devising a personal gambling strategy is not just purely mathematical or exist purely in the world of numbers. Just like devising any worthy strategy other factors would should also be vital ingredients. It should involve your senses, how you perceive your opponents (that would be psychology), as well experience. With the rise of online casinos, even strategies have to contend with this fact. Because of slight variations or differences in the rules between online casinos and “brick and mortar” casinos, strategy must be able to compensate for these differences or else it will become ineffective in the actual implementation. A newbie should check these gambling tips.

Also, as I have said previously in my blog post, a devising a strategy also means understanding that there are factors that you cannot hope to control or calculate – like luck. You should also understand probabilities as well as things like RNG dispersion. There are also gamblers who take it a step further, brushing off their statistics or mathematics degrees, and apply a variety of obscure theorems and ideologies to their gambling strategies.

In fact developing a gaming strategy can be as much fun as trying it in a real-world application. One tip I can give strategy makers is that a good place to try your strategies are in online casinos because of the free games that they offer.

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