Bingo Playing Tips

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I’m not always looking for challenges when I gamble online or in the casino. Sometimes, I just want to have a little fun, let my hair down and not worry too much about gambling. In other words, I just want to gamble for fun – which I think is the real essence of gambling.

When I do get to feel like this. I either go to the slot machines or I play bingo. But between the two, bingo is the game that makes me feel like a kid again. The simplicity of the game allows you to really relax. Learn more about agen judi bola on this website.

But even with a game as “friendly” as bingo, a few tips can still go a long way towards really enjoying it. Here are some that I have compiled over the years:

* Don’t get too many cards. Only play the maximum number of cards that you can watch. There’s really no point in getting 15 to 20 cards if you end up cross-eyed in the process.

* Never bang the dabbers. It’s not a gavel, you know. Besides, dabbers work best when pressed lightly. There’s a reason why it’s called a dabber.

* Be generous when you win. It doesn’t hurt to give out a dollar to the people around you. Besides, if you do this, chances are, when the player you gave a dollar to wins, he may just return that lucky dollar to you.

* For those who want to win at bingo, a good tactic is to play at a time or day that is slow for the bingo operator – the fewer the players, the fewer the number of cards that are in play.


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